House Breslau, holiday home in Adendorf, Vacation rental Detached holiday home for families and dogs, WiFi, fitters welcome.


Version of June, 08th, 2018

Susanne Gottschalk
Straße der Jugend 7
19303 Heidhof / Dömitz

And the renter
The following rental agreement is concluded:


The hirer shall notify his / her full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address immediately after booking by e-mail.

Rental equipment

The residential house Breslauer Weg 6, 21365 Adendorf is rented without the flat roofing.
All furnishings can be used. Washing machine and dryer in the basement however only after consultation with the landlady.


Arrival between 14 and 18 o'clock. No entry after 6pm!
Check out by 10am.
Exceptions are possible after consultation.


The binding price is based on the offer of the portal.

Due diligence

The tenants have the leases and the furnishings to treat with care. The tenants have to replace guilty lien. The tenants are obliged to refer to the premises, the establishment their suitability for use and their suitability for use and complaints immediately against the landlord do. The tenants will also be present during the rental period Immediately (at least on the same day) to report. If the tenants do not comply with these obligations, stands no rent reduction due to these objectionable points. In addition, a can Duty to pay damages if the damage is not due on account of a delayed notification can be remedied before the arrival of the next tenant.

House Rules

These house rules are part of the lease. Failure to comply with these house rules may result in claims for damages.


  1. All guests (and visitors) must follow these house rules and other instructions of the landlord Susanne Gottschalk.
  2. You must inform the landlord as soon as possible about problems and disputes with neighbors and others.


  1. This apartment is suitable for children. Guests are responsible for the safety and behavior of the children at all times (for example, noise and problems in the neighborhood)
  2. Guests and their visitors should behave calmly, especially during the night (between 11 pm and 8 am) and at check-in and check-out, and should not cause any unnecessary noise
  3. Complete Holiday is prohibited at any time of the day or night and may result in the holiday rental agreement being terminated, the holiday rental having to be vacated, and any additional costs incurred, deducted from the deposit.
  4. Guests and their visitors should respect their neighbors and neighborhoods and refrain from antisocial behavior that could negatively impact them.


  1. You may only take a maximum of eight visitors at any time during your stay.
  2. Guests are responsible for ensuring that this number of visitors is not exceeded
  3. and that visitors comply with these house rules.
  4. Additional overnight stays must be announced in advance (at the time of booking) and accepted by the landlord. Additional costs may be incurred.


  1. Festivals and other large gatherings are not allowed in this apartment;
  2. and at each small circle meeting the guests must adhere to the volume, neighborhood and visitor number rules.


  1. Guests and their visitors must adhere to given parking regulations and observe the vehicles and parking paths of the neighbors.
  2. There are three parking spaces in front of the house for this apartment.


  1. Guests and their visitors should dispose of waste in accordance with the local regulations for the separation of waste (see below) and in the bins provided for this purpose.
  2. For this holiday home the following regulations must be observed: Paper, packaging and remnants are placed in the labeled containers. Glass must not be added to the other types of meats, but must be cleaned and collected.


  1. Every time you leave the cottage, it's in yours To ensure that all windows and doors are closed to ensure safety and to prevent rain and water.
  2. Gale must be light, electronic appliances such as e.g. Turn off the TV when not in use be to save energy. The heating must be kept to minimum on departure.


  1. The barbecue must not be operated on the terrace.


  1. Smoking only in the garden and on the terrace.
  2. Tipping may be disposed of in certain ashtrays. Tipping in the garden will result in a penalty of 20 & euro;


  1. Pets are allowed.


  1. The barbecue must be placed on the lawn so that there is no risk of fire.


  1. All the guests must be reported to the Apartment Manager immediately. If arisen is not immediately be reported, it may lead to claims for damages.
  2. To avoid fuming, may (without prior notice) No furniture can be moved from one room to another.
  3. Dishes and cutlery should always be returned to the place where they were taken.
  4. Bathroom towels and showers are not out of the box Apartment to remove (for example, for use on the beach).


The rules for the key transfer, final cleaning, waste disposal etc. are the following:
  1. Both bowls are deposited in the kitchen. The house pulled into the lock.
  2. The house is swept clean by the tenant. The final cleaning will be done by the landlord.
  3. The renter places the trolleys at the street in time for disposal and picks them up. The disposal plan is located at the refrigerator.


  1. In the event of an emergency regarding the apartment please contact: Susanne Gottschalk, Tel .: 038758 20434, 0157 82812964, E-Mail:


  1. A breach of these house rules is in violation of the rental terms and condi- tions. Lease.
  2. The owners of the holiday apartment reserve the right to terminate the lease and guests or visitors who refuse to comply with these house rules or neighbors or other residents of the community may leave the home and the property ; ck.


The cancellation conditions are based on the cancellation conditions as they are stored in the respective landlord portal. For rentals, which have been concluded directly with the landlord without the landlord portal, the following applies:


The traveler according to §651d BGB indicate the defect on the spot. Subsequent deficiencies are not recognized.


By payment of the total rent including the deposit and with receipt to our account comes the lease.

Bank account of the landlord

Will be communicated to the tenant in good time.

Bank account of the tenant

Will notify the hirer in time for reimbursement of the deposit.


The tenant receives 2 keys. When leaving, he leaves them on the counter in the kitchen and pulls the door from outside.


Compensation claims are excluded regardless of the nature of the breach of duty, Unless intentional or gross negligence occurs. This also applies to illicit acts. In case of violation of essential contractual obligations the landlord is liable for each Negligence, but only up to the amount of foreseeable damage. Where liability is excluded or restricted, this also applies to Organs, employees and workers, as well as representatives and assistants.


Amendments and supplements to this contract require the written form. This Shall also apply to the modification of the preceding sentence.

Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective in whole or in part Be or become, or should be, a gap in the contract As a result of which the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Instead of the ineffective provision or the filling of the gap a Appropriate regulation, which, as far as legally possible, is the closest Comes, what the contracting parties have wanted or according to the purpose and purpose Of this contract if they had considered the point.